AspatalsTM is created by Shah'z, wholly owned, developed and maintained by us. AspatalsTM is the brain-child of our very own Home-grown CEO, Bhavin Shah and executed by our Co-Founder, Niraja (who looks after and manages most of the work).

AspatalsTM came about in the right time when we at Shah'z saw a huge gap in the Healthcare market and the complex terminologies of the Health Department. This App is fully capable of helping you out in time of Emergencies, Accidents, Heart-Attacks and much more. WE have listed features like Air Ambulances, Disaster Management during floods and so on.

AspatalsTM is in line with the Digital India Initiative proposed by our PM Mr. Modiji (though we have no direct connection to him or his party). He says India should have an access to healthcare facilities just like our foreign counterparts, so here we are. AspatalsTM not only features Hospitals, but also IVF Centres (Test Tube Baby Clinic), Ambulances, 24-hour Medicals, Emergency Helplines as well as a section dedicated to International Patients.