When you download Aspatals application from the Play Store, you will find:


One-stop Globalised search -

Search from among Hospitals, IVF Centres, Burns Centre, Blood Donation Centres, Organ Donation Centres, Eye Banks, Ambulance Services, 24-hour Medicals & Diagnostic Centres based on location, service and area.


Hospitals -

Over 2000+ Hospitals are listed with Services, OPD, Medical Departments, Surgical Department, Department of Cancer & Round-the-Clock Facilities.


Medical Tourism (International Patients) -

Even tourists and foreign nationals can select from 21 Foreign-category hospitals from Mumbai providing care for International Patients.
A service not many are aware of. In India, not all hospitals are allowed to treat International Patients, there are special F-Category Hospitals for them. So next time you have a foreign friend / family member visiting you, do have him / her install Aspatals on their phone when they are here.


Data available freely and anonymously -

You can always access the data in times of emergency without Registration or Sign Up, it isn't compulsory and will never be.


IVF Centres -

After this being childless would not be a social taboo and you can find affordable and easy options for treatment of infertility and completely anonymously and without telling or asking anyone about it with options for Sperm-Donation and Egg-Donation as well.


Sperm Donation Centres -

In Mumbai, nearly 15 of 100 couples need infertility treatment and the numbers are increasing. So young & healthy guys can actually become donors and give a new ray of hope to infertile couples.


Egg Donation Centres -

Even girls can contribute by donating eggs and give life to an infertile woman who is either killed or left even in Modern India as we see it today.
Roughly 100's of women are killed in India just for the fact that they are infertile. If we can have more egg donors, a lot more Indian Female lives can be saved.

Emergency Helplines -

One-Touch call options for all working Helpline numbers across Mumbai & Maharashtra


National Burns Centre -

The only dedicated Burns Centre in India situated in Airoli which has over 70% success rate in various 2nd Degree & 3rd Degree burns. We have official exclusive tie-up for their Free Skin-Grafting & Free Reconstructive Surgery Campaign which happens thrice a year.